The Art of Luxury

Lake Luxury Homes is committed to building superior quality homes. Our attention to detail extends beyond the surface. We strive to provide our customers with the total package - a durable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient home.


Lake Luxury Homes commands exceptional craftsmanship. In order to meet our standards of excellence without compromising quality, we carefully research all of the materials and products in our homes. Dedicated professionals work under our personal supervision to ensure that every detail is correct. We pride ourselves on the timely completion of our homes. Home building techniques are rapidly changing with the introduction of new technologies and products. Lake Luxury Homes, LLC works hard to make sure we are aware of all the new methods and technologies available to enhance our homes. Our customers are able to make informed decisions with the help of our readily available product literature and past research.


Lake Luxury Homes focuses on value beyond the initial purchase of the home. We focus our home construction on energy efficiency to provide our customers with long-lasting value while protecting the environment for future generations. Products and materials used in the construction of our homes are selected for high durability and low maintenance. Heating/air-conditioning units as well as appliances and windows are chosen with high performance efficiency ratings. All homes are given superior insulation products and reduced air infiltration procedures which reduce energy consumption year round. We want homeowners to have the peace of mind that their new home will require little maintenance to remain as beautiful and as functional as it was on the day it was finished.


We are eager to share the details of the features and craftsmanship that define the quality of a new home.  We are available to spend as much time as needed to ensure full understanding and complete participation in the planning of a new home.  Our knowledge and building experience enables our customers to make informed decisions. We strive to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's home buyer by providing spacious layouts with luxury amenities.  We pride ourselves on the timely completion of the homes we build.